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Why choose Omega Divers diving center in Chania

There are many diving centers in Chania, but the things that make a difference with Omega Divers diving center are listed below.  Our team is highly trained and certified to provide the best services to our customers. We work with personalized services and we are interested in having contact with the customer in order to better understand the terms and conditions, solve any questions and to anticipate possible misunderstandings, and on the other, to provide the best experience he can have. It is important that our programs meet our customer’s needs and expectations. Registered as a PADI Dive Resort and using PADI trained instructors, with our diving center in Chania, you are guaranteed a safe and professional experience whether it’s your first time diving or seeking to further your diving education. Our varied program for certified divers is already popular, but the majority have never been diving or snorkeling before. Many in fact, don’t even realize that it is possible for them to do so without having a diving certificate. Our 9 meter rib offers scuba diving options that are more challenging to divers.  By visiting our diving center in Chania, you have the opportunity to choose from our scuba collection, products from known companies such as OCEANIC, WATERPROOF, TUSA, SUUNTO, POSEIDON, SEAC SUB.  Our privilege is the combination of a good quality with low prices. Our diving services are dedicated to all the passionate divers, who want to discover the beauties of the deep sea.

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