Diving Programs for Certified Divers


Certified divers Our programs meet the needs and expectations for certified divers of any level of experience. Our divemasters will take you to various fascinating sites in the area, for up to two dives per diving trip, and group you with divers with experience level similar to yours.


Wall Diving:  The submerged edge of cliffs creates an underwater wall which forms a natural shelter for marine life. Your instructors will show you schools of small and large fish such as groupers, as well as other types of natural fauna and flora of the island.

deep dive

Deep Diving: An enjoyable dive due to the local geology and the interesting composition of the sea bed. Large fish can be frequently seen, and sometimes large amberjacks appear and approach the divers closely.


Night Diving: A magical and wonderful sight, spectacular and wild. Many aquatic species come out in the evening to hunt and eat, and when the diver’s light falls on them, plants and fish alike look like sleeping meteors. The bubbles that rise to the surface form all sorts of beautiful shapes and colours, and plankton glitters and glows when the light of the torch falls on them. A fun dive that will bring out the young boy or girl in every diver.


Nitrox Diving: This type of enriched air diving, allows you to extend your bottom times and reduce your surface intervals by giving you more non-decompression dive time. These dives are available to advanced Nitrox-certified divers.


Shore Diving: A program designed for newly certified divers who are looking to build up extra diving experience. In a safe and structured course, you will be reminded of all the basic skills you learned during your open water course, and give you the extra experience you need to become a confident diver.


Unique dives: The entrance of an underwater cavern that contains the fossilized bones of prehistoric elephants, exists at a depth of only 10 meters, with a width of about 9 meters and a length of 40 meters. The cave itself contains a series of white and red stalactites and stalagmites, which reveal themselves to greet the divers as soon as they emerge to the surface inside the cave. An underwater paradise full of colour and remarkable natural features has existed peacefully for centuries. The floor and ceiling are decorated by formations which glint in the briefest touch of light, to reveal an absolutely magical natural decoration. The cave was formed several thousand of years ago, when the water level was much lower than nowadays, as indicated by the existence of these features. The biggest treasures of the cave are the fossilized elephant remains, which include a tusk, some teeth and vertebrae. Apart from the elephant bones, there are numerous interesting deer bones, belonging to both common and 30cm dwarf deer species. A spectacle that has to be seen to be believed, will probably be one of the best dives of your life.