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Tips and Warnings for Scuba Diving in Chania

At Omega divers Chania, we always suggest that you scuba dive with people you know and with locals.

Diving is a great way to meet new and interesting people.  Dive buddies that are familiar and have diving likes and practices that are similar to your own will make it more enjoyable.  The objectives of the dive will run parallel and will not cause friction between goals during the dive. For instance, our instructors at Omega Divers  in Chania together with two friends that are going to take pictures or are looking for a certain species of fish in an area can work as a team.

When scuba diving in a new area, find a local guide or diver with experience who can show you the better locations and has knowledge of the animals and conditions.

Here are some general tips for free scuba diving in Chania

  1. Always check the condition and functionality of your equipment before diving and be sure to maintain it properly.
  2. If you get seasick, getting in the water will quell your nausea (as you will be below the waves instead of riding on them). This is yet another reason to be the first ones in the water. If the nausea does not subside once below the surface (it may take a few minutes), it may be more than seasickness. Regulators are safe to vomit through, so do not worry about ruining equipment.
  3. Use a rebreather if you really want to maximize your dive time. No need to say you need additional training before doing so.

And some warnings for free scuba diving in Chania

  1. After your last dive, do not fly or go to elevations greater than a couple thousand feet above sea level for at least 24 hours.
  2. Scuba diving can be a dangerous sport if you are not properly trained or properly prepared to dive.
  3. No matter what your dive computer says about remaining bottom time, etc., do not exceed the recreational dive limit! (40 m / 130 ft)
  4. Never run your rig completely out of air.
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