Omprogialos Beach

A beautiful beach reminiscent of an exotic paradise, with white sand and crystal clear blue water. It is an ideal place for divers of all levels of experience, and a favorite destination for night dives

Access Type: By boat & from shore
Access Time: Instant access
Access Easyness: Easy to find
Rate the Dive Site: Great
Diver Experience: All divers
Biology Interest: Interesting
Average depth (m): 6
Maximum depth (m): 25
Current: None
Visibility: Good( 10 – 30 m)

Dive Type:

  • Big fishes

Dive Site Activities:

  • Marine biology
  • Children dive
  • Night dive
  • First dive
  • Dive training
  • Snorkeling / Free diving
  • Orientation
  • Photography

Omprogialos Beach Photo Gallery