British Wreck

A British ship build at the Belfast shipyards (the same place as the Titanic) in 1908, Minnewaska was a 183 meter long passenger steamer, used during the 1st World War as a troop transport. The word “Minnewaska” is native American for “clear water”. The ship was lost the on 29 November 1916 after hitting a mine laid by the German submarine UC23, while leaving Souda harbor with troops on board. It was deliberately beached in the area of Marathi, in order to avoid sinking. After the survivors disembarked, the wreck was abandoned until it was later sold to an Italian company for scrap metal. The section of the ship which can be seen by the divers today, is the 50 meter long, 10 meter wide aft section of the ship, which was too deep to be salvaged, and now resides at a depth between 12 and 20 meters.

Access Type: By boat
Access Time: Instant access
Access Easyness: Easy to find
Rate the Dive Site: Great
Diver Experience: CMAS * / OW
Biology Interest: Interesting
Average depth (m): 16
Maximum depth (m): 20
Current: None
Visibility: Good (10 – 30 m)

Dive Type:

  • Wreck
  • Big fishes

Dive Site Activities:

  • Dive training
  • Photography