Hordeli Beach

This is an unusual place and will conquer you with serenity. The steep road down the mountain, small stone stairs to get to a small private beach, where is the entrance to the underwater world, makes it special. In this beach you can find beautiful marine scenes, with many different marine animals, caves, rocky bottom and huge rocks. This place is like a small underwater paradise.
Also here you can find the rare “Sea Eye”, a unique creation of nature itself, the best souvenir you from Crete and talisman for good luck and protection against evil eye!

Access Type: From shore
Access Time: Instant access
Access Easyness: Hard to find
Rate the Dive Site: Great
Diver Experience: All divers
Biology Interest: Interesting
Average depth (m): 6
Maximum depth (m): 30
Current: None
Visibility: Excellent ( > 30 m)

Dive Site Activities:

  • Marine biology
  • Children dive
  • Night dive
  • First dive
  • Dive training
  • Snorkeling / Free diving
  • Orientation
  • Photograph