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The Five Steps of the Pre-Dive Safety Check

A standard pre-dive safety check consists of five steps. As instructors in Omega Divers, we have found that it helps divers to run through the steps of the pre-dive safety check in the same order before every dive. Divers are less likely to forget a step when they use a methodical system. The steps of the pre-dive safety check are:
1. Begin – B – BCD: Check adjustment, how to operate It, low pressure inflator connection, and that cylinder is firmly in the band. lf appropriate for the entry technique, make sure it’s partially inflated. Confirm that your visual and audible surface signaling devices, which are usually attached to your BCD or in a BCD pocket, are in place.
2. With – W – Weight: Check that you have the right amount of weight, that it’s properly distributed for trim, and that the quick release is clear so that you can, in a single motion, release enough weight to be sure you float.
3. Review – R – Releases: Confirm everyone’s releases are secure, and that all buddies know how to work each other’s releases in case they need to do so in an emergency.
4. And- A-Air: Test breathe your regulator two or three breaths. Check your air pressure to be sure they know how to find and use each other’s alternate air sources so they can share air should they need to do so.
5. Friend-F-Final Check: Look each other over for anything that seems to be missing, out of place, not adjusted correctly, etc.
PADI uses an acronym to help divers remember the steps in order – Begin With Review And Friend, but you can use any other phrase that helps you remember BWRAF.
Now that the each diver has confirmed that his gear is functioning properly, the last step of the pre-dive safety check is to glance over the gear and make sure that everything is in place. Are all the hoses secured in their proper positions? Are both divers wearing fins and masks? Have both divers remembered to take their sunglasses and hats off? Yes? Then you are good to go! Have a great dive!

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