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Boat Trip and Snorkeling Tour

This is a program for those who prefer to stay on the surface of the water.

We offer snorkeling tour with professional equipments, masks, fins, wetsuit if you prefer, trip assurance with our instructors to guide you all the time in the water. We will visit interesting and beautiful places for swimming and snorkeling, which are available only from the boat. The good company and 3 hours of traveling to unknown places will distract you from everyday life and you will achieve a great mood and a lot of positive emotions. It’s easy and safe, it’s for family vacation, it does not require special training and you can explore the underwater world with the eyes from above. We will help you enjoy it in full!

On the three hours program from the boat, we will stop in the most beautiful places in Almyrida Chania, blue crystal waters, reefs, underwater and land caves and even to see the entrance to the famous Elephant Cave of Crete, all for you!

We provide wetsuit, mask, fins and an experienced instructor who will teach everyone how to use the snorkel equipments correctly and to explain to you the name of the fish will see in the water (from the fish board).

It is such a nice break from reality and immerse yourself in the underwater world of peace, tranquility and unique beauty. You’ll be surprised how nice and easy it is and your kids will love it.

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